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These courses are designed for those who are involved in teaching of healthcare professionals and want to develop their teaching skills or for other individuals who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in teaching and learning methods in medical and healthcare education, including exploring all issues in health care education. Choosing from the many options available for boosting overall teaching and learning skills in medicine and healthcare demands professional expertise, and Medical & Social Care Services are established specialists in the field of medical and healthcare education. Our well-trained experts can be trusted to take good care of your medical and healthcare education needs.

Our Medical and Healthcare Education programmes and Services at a glance



Our Medical and Healthcare Education Courses include:

• Curriculum Development
• Assessment methods in medical education
• Teaching and learning methods
• Problem-based Learning Approach
• Small group teaching techniques
• Instructional material development methods
• Research methods in medical and healthcare education
• The use of computers in medical and healthcare education
• Continuous medical education (CME) programmes

Continuous professional development (CPD) programmes

• Information Technology and Computing Skills Courses
• Co-operative learning method
• Learning styles
• Community-based Education . 

  • Results-oriented teaching



Medical Education Voluntary Team


The Medical Education Centre has many experienced voluntary team.  They include:

  • Dr Helen Peterson – Medical Educator
  • Dr Peter Jackson – Medical Educator
  • Dr Felix Haines – Medical Educator
  • Mrs Abigail Holmes – medical education Administrator
  • Other highly qualified teachers and researchers in Medical and Healthcare Education



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