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This is one of the MSCS membership services and forum.  We offer various courses and programmes in medical and healthcare informatics throughout the year for members and service users, and to the community at large.

Our Programmes at a glance

  • Introduction to Medical and Healthcare Informatics
  • Medical Decision Making and Support Systems
  • Development of Health Information Systems for promotion of information, evidence-based practice and education in all levels and /tiers of healthcare settings
  • Advances in Medical and Healthcare Informatics
  • Progress in Innovations in Medicine and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare Informatics Voluntary Team


The Medical and Healthcare Informatics Education Forum is a membership service that has many experienced voluntary team members, who are well-established experts in their own rights with various projects in informatics.  They include:

  • Dr James Anderson – Medical Informatics Specialist
  • Dr Jonathan Ball – Medical Informatics Specialist
  • Dr Ching Ng – Medical Informatics Specialist
  • Mr Mansood Ahmed  - Medical Informatics Specialist
  • Ms Anna Holmes – Medical Informatics Administrator
  • Other specialists and researchers in medical and healthcare informatics and innovations.

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